You Just Got Transferred to Allen TX For Work: Now What?

If you just got word you’ve been transferred at your job, your first thought may be panic, relief, anger or sadness – all of those emotions are common. However you feel about the move itself, rest assured relocating to Allen TX is a wise decision.

Allen TX is home to 101,000 at last count. This Collin County city is considered a northern suburb of Dallas. In fact, it’s just 20 miles from downtown Dallas and is included in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. It’s a great place to work, with the top companies here in Allen being Experian, WatchGuard, Quest Medical, Credit Union of Texas, Crawford and Company, and Frontier Communications.

No matter where you’ll be working, though, you’ll have to tackle a job relocation and residential move first. Before you actually accept the position and move, ask yourself these questions.

Will My Employer Cover Relocation Expenses?

This is a big question to get the answer to, right from the start. This will determine how much, if anything, has to come out of your personal budget. Most companies will pay for some of your relocation, such as for the movers, or for the time you will have to take off work to move. But many other expenses, such as hotels in between, meals, gas, and of course the cost of a new home, will have to come out of your pocket.

All of these expenses can seriously eat into any salary increase you may be receiving with the relocation and promotion. Ask your employer what exactly they offer in terms of moving assistance. Some cover moving expenses, temporary housing, or even a cash payout to use as you see fit. Some will even assist you in selling your current home.

Get everything in writing and try to negotiate additional coverage. Do you have a relocation contract? Read over the fine print so there are no surprises later. Beware, you may have to repay expenses that were initially covered by your employer if you decide to leave the company within an agreed-upon time period.

What’s the Allen Job Market Like?

What will you do if the new job doesn’t work out the way you planned? After all, you’re uprooting your whole family to set up shop in another city. You’ll have to do your homework in terms of what your career looks like in that area. Is your position in high demand? Get familiar with the new job market well ahead of time, suggests Business News Daily. Check local job listings, and pinpoint companies that have corporate headquarters in Allen or surrounding areas.

What’s the Allen Cost of Living?

Before the move, consider the cost of living of Allen TX as compared to your current town. You have to know if you will be able to afford all the expenses related to living in the new place. Allen TX has a cost of living of 108, which is higher than Texas’ overall state cost of living (94) as well as the national average (100).

If there is a big gap in the cost of living rate, ask your company if they will provide an allowance for the cost-of-living difference. But you still have to remember that even if you’re making more money, it will cost more to live there and your money won’t go nearly as far. Research everything – down to the cost of groceries, healthcare and taxes. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your lifestyle level for a job that won’t provide for your family as adequately.

Will My Quality of Life Be Affected?

It’s a good idea to step back and look at the “softer” side of the move. Think about your current lifestyle and come up with those areas that you place the highest values on that could be impacted by the relocation. Do you like to be out and about with people on the town, eating at the best restaurants and hitting busy bars? Or are you more of a family man or woman who prefers the quiet solitude of a suburban neighborhood?

Think about the difference in commute time. If it will take longer to get to and from work than it does now, consider the cost of gas and the value of your time being stuck in a car for hours each day. Researching this new city will help you realize if it will adequately meet your needs and expectations.

By extension, consider how the move will impact your family. Are they looking forward to a fresh change, or do they see it as a violation and upheaval of everything they hold dear? Most failed moves occur because the spouse isn’t happy with the relocation and cannot adjust to a new lifestyle.

Not everyone will be happy with the move, but you should make sure that at least your spouse is on board with the relocation. Have several open conversations with your spouse as well as with all your kids to keep them in the loop of what’s happening and to get their feedback.

What Will Your Social Support System Look Like?

Social networks play critical roles in terms of well-being. By relocating for a job, you may be moving away from an established social support system comprised of family members and friends. What is more important: being close to family or making more money in a new place? No answer is wrong – it’s just something to think about before taking the plunge. Of course, you will create a new social support network in Allen quickly, but it’s worth a long hard look at whether you like your thriving network in the current home or are willing to take a leap of faith.

Relocating to Allen TX for work is an exciting time. You’ll need some help getting there. Call us!

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