Using Social Media to Prepare for Your Move

Pre-Internet era, you had to resort to primitive methods of obtaining information for your move. You had to flip through the Yellow Pages, call the local Chamber of Commerce for information, or asked friends and family for recommendations on the best movers. You were basically flying blind when it came to learning which mover to choose (along with pediatricians, gyms, etc.) largely through trial and error.

Now, with the pervasive nature of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and neighborhood-specific sites like Nextdoor, it’s easy to research movers while sitting on your couch. You can even schedule your free quotes and moving appointments online. So, how can social media help you with your move? Here’s an overview of each social platform and how they can help.


The gold standard of social media platforms for most people, Facebook has something for everybody. It’s especially valuable for newbies who are looking to move to a new town or who have just moved in. You can get information, reviews, first-hand accounts, and much more. You can also gain access to each mover’s Facebook profile to do a little digging and researching on the type of company you’re dealing with.


Nextdoor, an app for your mobile phone, operates on the local level by building, block, subdivision, or small town. First, you have to verify where you live in order to join. They’ll send a code to your address, as the group’s membership is tightly controlled. You’ll learn all you need to know about your new neighbors in no time.


LinkedIn is what probably got you that new job you took in your new town, but don’t stop there. It’s a great resource for locating volunteer opportunities, connecting you with charities and organizations in town you may like. This a surefire way to get involved in your new community and show how you invested you are.


This isn’t just a site to post craft projects and recipes. If you really love architecture, search for historic homes, architecturally-significant buildings, local architects and more in your new community. This will hook you up with some great places to tour in town, plus you can search for other ways to explore your new place, such as restaurants, shops, spas, and craft vendors.

Local City/Town Pages

Nearly every town and city has its own Facebook page, where you can learn about everything from community events and trash pickup to parks and local historic sites. These town pages most likely link over to the town’s website, offering even more comprehensive information on local happenings.

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