Moving: Why it’s a Total Family Affair

When you move as a family, the entire process should be a combined effort. This not only makes things go faster, it makes things go more smoothly with reduced stress. As the parent, you don’t have to take on all the burden yourself. Learn to delegate tasks to all members of the family, even the littles ones. That way, everyone can feel as though they are contributing in some way.

Here’s how each member of the family can help with your next home move.

Toddlers and Preschoolers

They may not be able to help with any of the heavy lifting, but they certainly have a role to play. Because they are so easily entertained by empty boxes, bubble wrap and rolls of tape, give them some supplies and let them have some fun. This will keep them from getting underfoot and give you a few minutes of time to focus on other moving tasks.

Ask your toddler or preschooler which toys they would like to give away to share with others who need them, and which ones they would like to keep. They can sort their toys into two piles, giving them some control over what goes and what doesn’t.

Elementary Age Kids

This age group is old enough to be more helpful, so have them:

  • Sort through their belongings and decide what to keep, donate or toss.
  • Put boxes together
  • Organize packing supplies
  • Apply color-coded labels on boxes.
  • Help empty closets and cabinets to prepare for the arrival of the professional movers.

This is the perfect age to talk about helping others who are less fortunate, and why they should donate old games and toys to charity. Have them choose a local non-profit or thrift store, then take them there to drop off items.

Middle School Kids

Pre-teens and teens are certainly capable of pitching in and providing some real help but it will take prodding and creativity to make it happen. With a million distractions pulling them in many different directions — friends, sports, school, phones – you’ll have to pull some weight here. And briberies aren’t out of the question. Have them clean out the garage, sort boxes, whatever you don’t want to or have time to do. Here are some more tips to keep them engaged:

  • Let them choose the paint and furniture for their new rooms.
  • Get their input on what they want to see in the new house, from the yard (trees, playhouses, basketball nets in the driveway) to basements, rec rooms, and weight rooms.
  • Sell their old stuff and split the proceeds 50/50: half goes into their saving account and half cash to them. Encourage donating some of it to charity. Older teens can go online and post stuff for sale.
  • If you hold a garage sale, have them set up tables and put price tags on items.

High School and College Age

This age group can handle just as much heavy lifting as you can. They can:

  • Disassemble furniture.
  • Bring stuff down from the attic.
  • Drive stuff to thrift shops or the city dump.
  • Sell their own stuff online if they’re over 18.
  • Manage the cash if you hold a yard sale.

Contact Olde World Movers

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