The Impacts on Moving with School-Aged Children

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As if dealing with the daily moods and milestones of your school-aged children wasn’t overwhelming enough, now you face the biggest challenge of all: a move.In addition to logistics, there are many things to consider regarding the impact on your kids, from emotional to practical. It can be stressful on everyone involved when facing a residential move. Relax. We have some tips for you:

Social and Emotional Factors

You may be very stressed trying to plan for your move and thinking about how you will adjust in the new place, but your kids are doing the same thing – times 10. But without the perk of being an adult in control, your little ones can really feel the anxiety of how out-of-control they really are. In addition to the physical stress of moving their bedroom, they have to deal with the social changes and associated emotional effects that come with it.

Any kind of change is scary for school aged kids, and any worries or fears they may be feeling can be magnified during this time. They may not share their insecurities with you, but they may act out in anger, bad moods, or worst of all, silence and/or depression. According to the American Moving and Storage Association, inside they may be feeling:

  • A sense of insecurity and fear about making friends in their new school or neighborhood, and of being liked or accepted.
  • Academic stressin relation to changing schools and teachers, as well as new standards, policies, rules and curricula.
  • A sense of loss over leaving friends they have known all their lives – even teachers, neighbors, their physical home, and all the security that came with them.
  • Apprehension associated with events that may have triggered the move in the first place, such as divorce, parental job relocation, and financial strains.

Be conscious as a parent about how this move affects them, not just yourself. Encourage them to open up about concerns, perhaps over their favorite meal. Make it a family discussion and take it as an opportunity to extract their feelings in a comfortable and nurturing environment. Give them back some control by giving them something to be in charge of with the move. Take them to a park near your new house, introduce them to gyms or exercise classes or the local theater. Help them make a scrapbook of all their favorite memories at their old home.

Practical Considerations

Aside from the emotional, there are practical concerns to get to as well. As the parent, it falls on your shoulders to complete all the preparatory work necessary to ensure that your children make a seamless transition into their new home and school. Speak to your child’s current teachers and find out what his or her strengths are and how they can best tackle the upcoming year in a new place. Speak with teachers at the new school to find out what they should be doing over the summer to prepare, or, if the transition is occurring in the middle of the school year, what work they can be doing to catch up. Secure tutoring if necessary, and look into any after-school classes, sports teams or clubs they may be interested in joining to keep them active.

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