How to Survive Your Summer Move

Summer is the most popular moving season for many reasons. Kids are out of school so you don’t have to pull them out of class to move to another district. The weather is nice, and the home buying season is in full swing. However, moving in peak season isn’t all roses and sunshine: you have to deal with booked-up movers and higher prices.

From early preparations to smart date planning, here’s how to survive your summer move.

Start Preparations ASAP

Give yourself a good head start on preparations so you don’t run into stressful situations later. For instance, if your move isn’t till August, start in June. Call your movers as soon as you can to book a date. Once that date is booked, everything else will fall into place around it.

Planning your summer move early will:

  • Reduce stress, as the more tasks you’ve completed, the less panic you will feel as the end approaches.
  • Allow you to tackle the time-consuming task of packing your home.
  • Give you more options in selecting the most reputable mover in your area.
  • Make up for any moving mistakes you may have made due to unawareness or inexperience.

Research Movers Early

Summer sees an increased demand for good movers, which is great if you book early and get who you want. But the hunt for a reputable, reliable and affordable moving company will be more challenging, as you call various ones only to be told they are already booked for your date.

Because 70% of all residential moves take place between May and September, moving companies are understandably in great demand during that period. Find and book a reputable mover as soon as your home move is confirmed.

Manage Costs

Following the rule of supply and demand, it makes sense that because they are so busy and can pick and choose their customers, moves will hike up their prices in peak seasons. This means you will pay more for the same moving services as you would during the off-season. You can make up for this by finding an affordable moving company that also offers quality services. It will take some research but when you find it, you’ll hit the jackpot.

Other ways to stay within your budget and cut moving expenses include:

  • Move only the items you will really use in the new place. The fewer items you have, the lower your transportation costs will be.
  • Sell online or at a yard sale the stuff you don’t want to take with you.
  • Pack and transport what you can (if it’s a local move) on your own and pay the movers to lift and haul the heavy stuff such as furniture and appliances.

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