How to Pack Stuffed Animals For Moving

If you have small children, you know how much they love their stuffed animals. But packing and moving those plush toys can be a daunting task, simply because there are so many of them and they are clumsy and awkward to box up. If your child is old enough, have them join in on the packing task. They may get a kick out of revisiting older toys and develop a newfound interest in them.

By the same token, you can use this opportunity to get rid of the stuffed animals that your child no longer wants. It’s best to toss them rather than donate them unless you’re willing to wash and dry them all properly so they are sanitized.

Packing your kids’ toys may prove to be more of a challenging task than you think. Take the time to pack them properly so you can maximize all available space in those bags and boxes. Here are some tips.

1.    Sort the Soft Toys

You probably realize how fast stuffed animals can multiply over the years. Sure, they’re super cute and fluffy but they take up too much space. Go through the whole collection and make two piles: one to keep for the move and one to toss.

Throw away toys that your child no longer plays with, as well as those in rough condition, such as those with eyes missing or stuffing falling out. Some charitable organizations will take new or gently-used stuffed animals, so for those that don’t make the cut, tell your child that their old toys will make less fortunate children very happy.

Tip: when going through the stuffed animals, make this a solo activity. Refrain from holding up each toy and asking your child if they still want to play with it. If you know kids, you know they want what they see. Reminding them of old toys they couldn’t be bothered with before will only result in one big KEEP pile and a lot of tears if you say otherwise.

2.    Remove Batteries

Next, take out any batteries from soft toys that make them sing, walk, talk, dance, etc. this is important for two reasons: to prevent those toys from making annoying noises during the move, and because batteries left in toys can leak or corrode.

3.    Clean the Stuffed Animals

For the ones that were lucky enough to make the move, you should clean them first before packing. You can drop them off at a dry cleaner or wash and dry them yourself. First, don’t forget to vacuum the stuffed animal to get pet dander and dust off.

4.    Set Aside a Few Favorites

Set aside a couple of your child’s favorite stuffed animals to give them comfort during the move. This will help them get through a stressful house move and keep them calm throughout it all.

5.    Start Packing

Line a large cardboard box with packing paper, covering both the bottom and sides. Place the stuffed animals in garbage bags to protect them from moisture. Make sure each toy is dry before placing it in the bag, as any moisture can lead to mold. Tie the bag and place it into the box.

Place as many in each box as will reasonably fit. Don’t force a bunch in there, or you will risk damage and wrinkling. Seal each box and label with markers. Include a brief description of the contents and the destination, i.e., Megan’s room, kids’ playroom, etc.

Bonus tip:

Bags of stuffed animals act as great cushions for protecting other, harder toys, says Moving Tips. Nestle fragile toys in the box between bags of plush toys, and voila, you have an instant padded box. Just be sure that any art supplies you pack have been properly sealed to avoid leaks or stains; make sure all water toys like squirt guns are emptied and dried out prior to packing.Also, if your plan is to store the stuffed animals for a long period of time after you move, you’re best off packing those toys in plastic storage bins without garbage bags so they can breathe. Plastic moving boxes are pretty airtight, which keeps plush toys from getting damaged by mold or pests while being stored for prolonged periods of time.

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