How to Pack Books in 5 Simple Steps


If you’re in the midst of packing for an upcoming move, you’re likely not worrying too much about how you’ll pack your books properly for the journey. After all, you reason, they’re just books and can’t break like your grandma’s antique vase or the dish collection you got for your wedding. This is true to some extent…however, there’s a right way to pack your books that can prevent damage to your favorite reads and extend their shelf life in the new digs. If you’re an avid reader and have classic collections, this takes an even higher priority for you.

Read on for five book packing tips.

1. Weed Through Your Collection

We all have those books that we don’t really read or care about. They were given as gifts by old aunts that have no idea what we like, or they’re old history textbooks from high school more than two decades ago. Because moving prices are often based on weight, and books, when stacked together in boxes, can become extremely heavy, it’s in your best interest to whittle down your collection before packing. Make a pile for books you must take with you, such as those prized collections, fave books you love to read over and over, and gifts from friends that help you recall happy memories. Make another pile for donations.

2. Sort Your Books

Now, what to do with that donate pile?

You can do the following:

  • Give books you no longer want to friends or small children in the family that will enjoy the illustrated books your own kids used to enjoy when young.
  • Donate them to local charities such as shelters.
  • Donate to local libraries, hospitals, schools and nursing homes.
  • Recycle books that have experienced too much wear and tear to donate.

3. Pick up Packing Supplies

Head to your local packing store and pick up the following to prevent damage to your books:

  • Book boxes. These are thick, strong cardboard boxes crafted with the dimensions of 20’’ x 11’’ x 11’’.
  • Packing paper. You’ll also require clean, soft packing paper for your valuables, plus they act as great separators between rows of books you’ve packed in boxes, says The Moving Blog.
  • Newspapers. Newsprint is readily available and best of all free. It makes an effective filler for your boxes to cushion the blows that come with transport.
  • Packing tape. Purchase two rolls of packing tape to reinforce your book boxes and keep them closed for the journey. You’ll also want to add a layer of packing tape to the bottom and anywhere else you can see seams.
  • Sharpie. Label your packed boxes by color code and/or room. This will let your movers know exactly where to place those boxes in the new digs.

5. Prepare the Books

Wrap valuable books individually in the packing paper. There are a few ways you can arrange your books in boxes for the move.

  • Upright. Place the books standing upright with pages facing the sides of the boxes.
  • Flat. Stack them along the box sides, with heavier books on the bottom and lighter ones on top.
  • Spines down. Arrange the books with their spines facing the bottom of the box.

Whichever method you choose, don’t arrange books too tightly next to each other. After each row, put a layer of packing paper and start with another row. Fill any gaps with newspaper before taping up the box.

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