How to Move Your College Student Home Quickly in the Event of a Coronavirus Outbreak













…and how to adjust once they’re home

COVID-19 has certainly thrown a wrench into the works when it comes to the daily routines of Americans – and college students in particular. What used to be a rite of passage, a routine part of young adult life, is now turned on its head as higher coronavirus rates are forcing more and more colleges to shut down and go virtual.

If your child is a college student who was lucky enough to be invited back to campus this fall, but is now being told to leave due to a surge in positive cases, you may have mixed feelings about having them head home so prematurely. But go home they must! How can you move them back home quickly and safely? And what do you do once they’re home?


If your child was told to clear out all their stuff in anticipation of possibly not coming back at all this semester, this can place you in a pickle—especially if they live away at college long distance. Storage will probably have to come into play here, to avoid having to schlep all their      heavy stuff back to their childhood home, then back to campus again once given the all clear.

You’ll have to hire your trusted local mover that specializes in climate controlled storage, like we do here at Olde World Movers. Storage is necessary when you need gap coverage, such as when college students move home for a short period of time. Usually this means the holidays or summer time, but 2020 has brought a whole new need for gap coverage thanks to the virus.

For times like these, we offer secure, climate-controlled storage in our warehouse facilities to accommodate your needs and budget as a parent who is already taxed with paying for college.

You can use storage units to store the bulky stuff, like furniture, decor and boxes of books. But for the smaller stuff, we can move them back home in a snap.

Rest assured, we take all necessary COVID-19 precautions during your child’s move.

Now that your college student is home for the foreseeable future, how can you help them re-adjust to a life of living with mom and dad again?

Helping Ease the Transition

Remind yourself that it can’t be easy to make yet another transition. In fact, this could be their second time moving back home unexpectedly from college. If they are upset, know that this is perfectly normal. It’s easy for them to feel isolated or singled out during the outbreak, especially if they’re now forced to spend more time with you and other family members than they had planned – and much less time with their new friends. Be open with them and ask them how they feel about moving back home. Remind them that they’re not alone – students all over the country are missing out on their college experiences too. It’s understandable and totally normal for them to feel like a “failure” moving back in with their parents, but again remind them that countless people are adjusting their living arrangements due to COVID-19 too.

Encourage them to call or video chat their college friends – and high school friends — on a regular basis. Set up virtual study dates with classmates or schedule a fun movie nights with local friends.

Set boundaries with your child. Obviously, you feel for them and wish they could be having fun at school, but now that they are back under your roof, there are rules to be followed. Reinstate light chores, come to an agreement on curfews, and generally establish a routine each day. Have them set their alarm for classes as they normally would, encouraging a normal class routine just like they would have on campus, except remotely.

Have them set aside a specific area of the home for studying, such as their room (if they still have one or if they don’t share with a younger sibling), finished basement, or guest room, making it a place where they are free to focus on their school work. Avoid the bed and couch, as these places are meant for relaxing, not being an active learner.

Encourage them to stick to a regular sleep schedule, going to bed at a consistent time each night and waking at the same time each morning.

Call Olde World Movers

This is not an easy transition for anyone – kids and parents alike. But in no time at all, your college student will be heading back to campus and will feel like themselves again. When that happens, call us and we’ll move their stuff out of storage and back into their dorm room! Contact us for a free quote in Euless or Frisco.