How to Move Electronics Safely and Securely

If you’re moving house, part of that involves packing. And part of that involves packing your electronics, such as computers, AV equipment, monitors and flat screen TVs. These can be the most fragile and damage-prone items to pack and transport, so you have to approach the task with patience and care.

Here are some tips on how to move your home electronics to prevent damage.

Audio/Visual Components

If you no longer have the owners’ manuals (who keeps those anyway?), take a photo of the item’s wiring configuration before dismantling so you can reconnect the components properly and quickly in the new place.

If you still have CDs and DVDs and their corresponding players, eject all discs to prevent scratching during transport. Put them in their proper cases. Many players come with a “transport screw” underneath the unit. Be sure to tighten this screw before packing your player, as it works to immobilize parts of the mechanism for safer transport.

The best way to move AV components is in the original boxes with original packing. If those are long gone, use boxes big enough where you can fit the components along with adequate packing material. Make sure the packing material snugly fills all excess room so no movement occurs.  

Pack remote controls in the same box as the components they go with, as well as all wiring. Seal the box with packing tape.

Plasma and Flat-Screen Monitors

Plasma TV displays are hard to transport because they are basically comprised of two thin panels of glass with plasma, which is an electrically-charged gas, held in between them. They are very heavy and very delicate, compared with LCD screens, which are lighter and aren’t as prone to damage.

It’s always best to let your movers handle the packing of your plasma TV, but if you really want to do it yourself, be sure to at least tell your movers that special handling or crating is required for that item. Use the manufacturer’s original packing container if you still have it. If you don’t, ask your mover for a special shipping container or crate. Remember, this item should be shipped and stored while in an upright position.


Manually back up all your data before even attempting to unplug, remove and pack your computer system. Shut down the computer and monitor before disconnecting. Again, take a photo of the wiring configuration so you can easily hook up your system after the move. If you have a laptop, this task is made simple. Transport it, along with the battery and any accessories, in the laptop bag you may already have for this item.

Printers and Scanners

Remove ink cartridges from printers, packing them separately. Moving a laser printer? Remove the laser ink cartridge first because the toner could spill out and contaminate the laser engine.

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