How to Keep Your High-Value Items Safe in a Move

Move your artwork with care.

When moving a home that has a lot of high-value items in it, you’re naturally concerned with how to safely get them out of the home and into their new one. Art, keepsakes, and antiques can really make a house feel like a home. You may love to collect them and display them, as they make wonderful conversation pieces.

But the very thing that makes them high in value could add to your stress come moving day. They don’t only carry a monetary value, they hold a sentimental value as well – perhaps more so. Packing fine art properly is vital for homeowners when moving. Part of that equation is hiring fine arts movers who specialize in these types of relocations. They come equipped with the proper safety equipment and materials to do the job right.

Here are some tips on keeping your high-value items safe in a move.

Framed Artwork, Mirrors, Canvases

Heavy-duty picture boxes are ideal when it comes to packing canvases, mirrors and large framed pieces. Create an “X” with masking tape over mirrors and large pieces of glass, which will help prevent shattering hazards in the event the glass is cracked or broken en route.

When it comes to artwork or canvases, wrap them in unprinted newspaper or plain brown paper. This is to avoid any ink transfer onto the paint. You should also add heavy duty corner protectors and a couple layers of bubble wrap or foam to the front and back. Lastly, tuck this material securely into heavy-duty, large, adjustable picture boxes.

Small Mirrors, Photographs, Accent Art

It’s best to individually wrap family photos, small mirrors, and accent art in newsprint and bubble wrap before putting them into a sturdy cardboard box. Be sure to place them vertically to avoid breakage, and line the box with additional bubble wrap or foam padding.

Sculptures, Antiques, Keepsakes

Oddly-shaped breakables such as antiques, sculptures and keepsakes must be protected at all costs. Tuck pieces of foam padding into the space around delicate corners and appendages. Then, wrap each in a layer or two of bubble wrap. Finally, pack them into large, individual boxes, filling the box on every side with a few inches of foam padding or packing peanuts.

Contact Olde World Movers

Here at Olde World Movers, we are trusted fine art and antique movers, with trained movers who keep detailed documents and digital photo inventories of every object we encounter. It’s our goal to give you the highest standard of service when moving your fine artwork collections. That means we show up with the proper materials to get your items moved safety, such as wood crates for sculptures, vases, and other vulnerable materials. We also can provide non-acidic glassine paper that protects oil and acrylic paintings. Contact us today to learn more about our services throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area.