Holiday Moving Tips

Holiday moving is certainly an adventure. But getting there is half the battle. Having reasonable expectations and taking it slow will help you move through this crazy phase of your life. Moving during the holidays is a bit more stressful and time-crunched than other times, plus add in colder weather and the challenges can add up. Whether you’re moving locally or long-distance, here are some holiday moving tips to keep in mind.

General Tips

  • Make sure at least one room stays decorated in your existing home as long as you can to enjoy the holiday spirit while transitioning.
  • When clearing items to make way for holiday decor, put those everyday items right into a packing box.
  • Throw out as much as you can while packing so as to avoid more boxes than you care to move.
  • Schedule the movers as soon as you have a move-in date. Everything will revolve around that.
  • Purchase moving supplies early to avoid bare shelves during the holiday season. Everyone is looking for bags and boxes right now!
  • Ship gifts to your loved ones who live remotely.
  • Come up with a budget and stick to it. Not only are the holidays expensive, but moving is too.

Moving Prior to the Holiday

Moving prior to the holiday is emotionally tough, to be sure. Not only do you face leaving your house, you face doing so in the thick of that feel-good holiday time where everything centers around home and family.

  • Place beloved holiday items in one box, to be opened upon moving in to your new place. You will be welcomed with a taste of home that you can immediately display.
  • Schedule time to visit with friends and family before you leave. Throw an ugly Christmas sweater party or a cookie swap to make the transition easier, suggests Moving Insider.

Moving During the Holiday

If you are forced to be on the road during the actual holiday, this can present its own physical and emotional challenges. Just the logistics alone can be stressful, but having an experienced mover on your side will help with all this. For the emotional burden, consider these tips:

  • Create a holiday playlist or a scavenger hunt for the drive.
  • Pack the car with all the essentials, from snacks to games for the kids.
  • Choose hotels to stay at that embrace the holiday theme and welcome guests who have been displaced during this trying time.
  • Buy and wrap a few small gifts to open up as a family as you hit the road.
  • Prepare fun facts and places to see in the new destination. This will help you get excited for this next chapter in your journey.

Moving After the Holiday

This is probably the best option, as the holidays will be behind you and the kids will be off from school for a couple of weeks which makes it easier to pick up and leave. On top of that, you can stay in your existing home for one last holiday season and make lasting memories.

  • Ask friends and family to help you organize and move the small things during the Christmas and New Year’s break. Offer plenty of comfort foods and desserts to entice them.
  • Use up your vacation time so you can enjoy the move without worrying about work.
  • Place everyone’s favorite new gifts in a box to open immediately in the new digs.

Preparing for Cold Weather

Moving from the Dallas area to the Northeast, for example, can be quite the shock in terms of weather, especially at this time of year. There will likely be snow and ice to contend with in your new city, so take the proper precautions when moving in cold weather.

  • Bring blankets for the car.
  • Stop off for coffee or hot chocolate as needed.
  • Keep an eye on the weather. Make plans to get off the road if the weather doesn’t cooperate.
  • Opt for climate controlled storage to keep your items safe from the cold.


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