Beyond the Estimate: What to Consider When You Get a Moving Quote

When selecting a moving company, chances are your initial research will all be done online. The first thing you may look at is price, whether that’s a generic price listed on the website or a quote you get when you call up on the phone. However, these stock quotes are rarely the actual price you end up paying. You’ll have to do a little more digging to get more accuracy.

You should get at least three written estimates from three different movers before you make a decision. You can ask friends and family for referrals or do a search online to get names of reputable movers in your area with good reviews. But the work isn’t over. Call them to make appointments for them to visit your home and provide a detailed estimate in writing. The quote you get will help you determine which company you go with.

Reputation and Certifications

While most moving providers are above-board, there are some “bad eggs” out there that spoil the reputation of the others. You need to ensure the highest reputation. Check the provider’s website to see if they belong to organizations like the American Moving & Storage Association (a trusted moving and storage industry trade association), Southwest Movers Association, and the BBB. See what certifications they have, such as Elite Service from HomeAdvisor and Angie’s List Super Service Award. Check their review rating on Yelp as well.

Olde World Movers is proud to say we meet all of the above requirements.

Schedule Appointments

While it can be tempting to use those estimating tools online for moving services, don’t depend on them entirely. Don’t accept a quote from any provider until they have visited your home and looked at the goods you are going to move. An on-site estimate allows the mover to realistically assess all the goods you have, and whether or not there are extra costs involved, such as steep staircases, narrow hallways, and confining elevators.

The fragility of your items may also boost cost, as it takes more effort and care to wrap and transport a room full of antiques than it does a room full of clothing and simple furniture.


After you have met with the moving representative in your home, you will be given an estimate in writing. Even with this accurate quote, please note the actual charges could change on moving day if you decide to add on charges. Just be sure to go over your estimate with the mover in detail so you understand every line before signing.  

If you are on a tight budget, there are some things you can do to keep the price down, such as handling the packing on your own. You can also decide to de-clutter your home before moving, throwing things out or donating things you no longer need. Typically, charges are based on weight and distance or quantity of movers, as well as how many hours the move takes. The less stuff you have to move, naturally, the lower your cost will be.

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