5 Tips for a Successful Spring Move


Summer may typically be the busiest season for moving, but there are several benefits to scheduling your move in the spring time. Not only are the landscapes bright with blossoms and foliage, but the chill of winter is fading and the mild temperatures are perfect for being outside. Plus, it’s not too hot like it would be in the dog days of summer. In short, spring is the perfect time to move.

It’s also a great time to de-clutter, purge and clean your home in preparation for the relocation.

Here are five tips to ensure a successful springtime move:

  1. Consider the timing: To obtain the highest value on professional movers in your area, you really have to book them as soon as possible. If you can, schedule the bulk of your move in the early afternoon so you can take advantage of the warmth and sunlight. Got kids? Plan your move for their spring break week.
  2. Keep the weather in mind: Yes, springtime temperatures may be mild, but the chance of rain is always high during this season. Be prepared for rain by investing in and using high-quality coverings so your belongings stay safe and dry. Keep an eye on the forecast and be sure to dress in layers, as the weather in spring can turn on a dime.
  3. Stay safe: Wear sunscreen and sunglasses because you’ll likely be outdoors for much of moving day. Guard against pollen as well. Seal your boxes tight so no pollen gets in and take allergy medication ahead of time if you are prone to sneezing. Wear closed-toed shoes that are comfortable, and do some stretching before lifting heavy items. Take lots of water breaks throughout the day.
  4. Transfer your utilities ahead of time: A couple of weeks beforehand, transfer all your utilities to your new address, including phone and Internet. By doing this ahead of time, you will avoid the long wait times and frantic phone calls to set up your cable at the last minute.
  5. Have fun: Remember…moving into a new home should be an exciting chapter in your life! Whether you are newlyweds moving into your first home, a recent graduate, or part of a growing family, this is a time to cherish the wonderful journey of home ownership. Keep the frustrations and hassles of moving in perspective and know they are just temporary. Hiring professional movers like those at Olde World Movers will help to take the stress off your shoulders.

Hopefully, heeding these tips can ensure the most successful spring move possible!

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