4 Ways to Get Ready to Move to Frisco


Frisco TX is a vibrant, thriving place, part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, home to 188,000. Named the fastest-growing city in the country in 2017, this northern suburb is known as a bedroom community, ideal for commuters who work in DFW.  If you are contemplating a move to Frisco, there has never been a better time.

Here are some tips on ways to prepare yourself for your upcoming Frisco move.

1.  Consider Which Neighborhood Would Be Best

The first step is to think about the type of neighborhood you want to live in. Whether you have a big family or you’re downsizing as a retired couple, this will be a big factor in your decision. While you can’t go wrong with any area of Frisco, finding a neighborhood that you can fit in with is key.

Got kids? Consider moving near quality schools, such as near Frisco Commons Park or Hunters Creek. Are you an avid sports fan? Look at neighborhoods that boast a quick transit system into Dallas so you can check out some professional games whenever you want. If you’re looking to downsize and retire, try the 55+ community of Frisco Lakes.

It just makes sense to do the research beforehand and make sure the area you choose gels with your lifestyle and goals.

Just keep in mind, the median house price in Frisco is $576,000, much higher than the national average.

2.  Hire Professional Movers

A move to Frisco demands attention to detail and professionalism. Don’t DIY this move. You’re best off hiring residential movers who have handled frequent moves to and from Frisco in the past. You can be assured they know the roads, routes, shortcuts, neighborhoods and more to get you there quickly and safely. Plus, they know just what can go wrong if corners are cut. They bring the right equipment to pad your fragile stuff, supplies such as boxes if you need them, and can make sure the whole move moves along seamlessly.

You’ll save yourself a lot of time and hassle if you just hire professionals in the first place. They’ll make sure your belongings are not damaged – you can’t say the same for your college buddies who just want to get the job done so you can treat them to pizza.

Of course, you’ll have to do some homework on the best Frisco movers before making a decision. Research online, read reviews, call a few companies, compare quotes and ask for a detailed estimate. The lowest price you get isn’t always the best one to go with. Look for middle-of-the-road pricing with a solid reputation and track record.

3.  Start Decluttering Early On

Once you have secured a reliable moving company, you can get to work on decluttering your home and prepping it for the move. No sense in taking junk with you that you won’t use once in the new place. If you haven’t worn it in one year, toss it or donate it. If it’s broken, throw it out. If your kids have outgrown it, donate or sell it.

Keep things that still serve a useful purpose or that hold a strong sentimental value. By purging the junk now, you’ll save yourself some money and some back-breaking work, as the less you bring with you, the less you have to pay for and haul.

It’s also wise to take an inventory of everything you’ll be bringing with you. Take photos as well. This will help you account for all items once you have moved into the new place. Documenting fragile or high-end items is also a good idea for insurance purposes later on should anything get broken.

4.  Learn About Frisco

When you have a moment, do some research on Frisco itself so you can plan out some activities once you get there. You’ll find that Frisco is home to 49 parks consisting of 1370 acres. From Arbor Hills Nature Preserve to Frisco Commons Park, there are so many things that this city has to offer. A vibrant downtown, plenty of shopping, great schools…there’s a lot to love.

It’s also home to Dr Pepper Ballpark and Toyota Stadium, which all you sports enthusiasts will appreciate!

Young or old, you’re sure to connect with a neighborhood in Frisco that speaks to you.

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