3 Tips for Storing Your Antiques

If you’re the lucky owner of antiques who also happens to be facing a move in the near future, the prospect of moving those valuables may set you up for a mild panic attack. After all, you spent a lot of money on them and you know just how fragile they can be. One crack, dent or break can render them virtually worthless. Accumulating so many antiques over the years, you likely have them placed all over your home, in various spots that complement each piece. Gathering them all, packing them up and storing them until you can move in the new place will all take extreme care and patience. But it can be done! You need the right equipment, and you need to know how to properly pack, store, and preserve those precious antiques!

There are three main elements to properly handling your antiques during a residential move. Let’s go over each one.

Key Factors:

1. Choose the Right Materials

It really depends on what kinds of antiques you’re storing, but you need to gather the proper packing materials beforehand. If you’re packing up glasses, China, and smaller items, you will need a glass pack kit that comes with foam pouches or even a dish saver kit. If you have larger items, such as lamps, mirrors and statues, you will need to use furniture pads or bubble wrap.

2. Pack Them Up Properly

Proper preparation is key for certain types of antiques. For example, if your antique is made of wood, you should polish it first to provide a certain level of protection before wrapping it in a furniture pad and securing with tape, suggests Moving Insider. If your antiques are silver in nature, purchase camphor blocks and put them near the silver to prevent tarnishing. Let’s say you have a fragile vase to pack. You’ll have to stuff bubble wrap or a furniture pad inside the vase, then wrap the whole thing in bubble wrap, secured with tape or twine. Be sure to tightly secure the tape so the bubble wrap doesn’t unravel.

3. Store Them in Climate-Controlled Units

Sometimes you need short- or long-term storage for your antiques before moving into your new home. Be sure to choose climate controlled storage, which will go a long way toward preserving your delicate items. Wood-based furniture should always be draped with a furniture pad or drop cloth to guard against warping or splitting. If you want even better results, polish the wood before placing in storage. By using climate-controlled storage (always preferred, no matter what you’re storing), you can keep humidity and hot temperatures from impacting the original structure of the furniture.


Make sure the movers you choose have experience with moving, packing and storing antiques such as China, crystal, sterling silver, artwork or furniture. It’s also a good idea to get a free online estimate before choosing your mover so you can compare costs on all aspects of your move.

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