26 Best Moving Tips of All Time

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On the move? You have to be prepared if you want your relocation to be any kind of success. Not sure where to start or what advice to take? Well, here they are: the top 26 moving and packing hacks of all time.

1.     Follow a moving checklist

Organizing your time correctly is key to ensuring a successful move. Come up with a moving checklist as soon as you can, and then stick to it through all steps.

2.     Inventory your home

Take a full inventory of all your possessions, as a complete record of your household items will help you make that painful decision about what to keep and what to leave behind.

3.     Declutter your home

Toss old, broken, useless or unwanted things to make the packing and moving process easier, as well as to reduce transportation costs.

4.     Sell items you never plan to use again

Grab some much-needed cash before moving day by earning money off the sale of stuff you no longer need. Organize a yard sale or sell it online.

5.     Start packing ASAP

As soon as you know you’re moving, start the packing process. Chip away at it slowly, starting with the stuff you won’t need right away.

6.     Follow a packing timeline

Create and follow a packing calendar where you can prioritize and personalize each packing job.

7.     Pack the toughest rooms first

Tackle the most difficult rooms first so you can make the most of your energy and motivation. You may want to start with storage areas first, such as attics and basements.

8.     Pack logically

Break down packing into mini-tasks, tackling one room or area of a room at a time to keep your sanity.

9.     Collect moving boxes

Pick up some free moving boxes from friends, neighbors and local businesses like grocery or liquor stores.

10.  Use small boxes for the heavy stuff

It’s easier to distribute heavy items into several smaller boxes so things stay safe. This will reduce the risk of property damage and personal injury.

11.  Use suitcases

Why not use your suitcases to pack and move heavy items? This is especially a great way to transport books. And the handles and wheels make moving super easy.

12.  Line your boxes

Place clean sheets of paper or bubble wrap on the bottoms of each cardboard box prior to packing it with items.

13.  Cut out box handles

Cardboard boxes are tricky to move around, especially when heavy, as they are inconvenient to lift and carry. Using a box cutter, cut rectangular-shaped handles into the sides for safer lifting and transporting.

14.  Keep a clear packing station

Designate a large table as a packing station where you can coordinate all your organizational activities.

15.  Use bubble wrap

Don’t skimp on the bubble wrap, as it offers the highest level of protection for fragile items.

16.  Pack clothes in garbage bags

Just pull a clean garbage bag over any hanging clothes and lift them directly out of your closet.

17.  Use wardrobe boxes

For fancy clothes, place them in special wardrobe boxes for the utmost in protection.

18.  Nestle items

Why move empty containers when you can nestle smaller items into the larger ones to save space?

19.  Pack dishes vertically

Place paper plates between the china ones to diminish contact, packing them vertically so they don’t get crushed.

20.  Pack books properly

Arrange books in boxes with the spines facing bottom and open parts up.

21.  Pack an essentials box

Pack a box of essential stuff you will need to survive the first day or two in the new digs.

22.  Fill all empty spaces in boxes

Use bubble wrap and paper to fill all gaps in boxes so nothing shifts.

23.  Label boxes

Using a marker, label your boxes after you pack them. Be as specific as possible, including the contents, destination room, and handling instructions.

24.  Purge your medicine cabinet

Why pack medical products you don’t need? Go through your medicine cabinet and check each prescription for expiration dates.

25.  Photograph electronics

Take photos of the wiring for all your electronics so that when it comes time to plug everything back in, you know exactly what goes where.

26.  Organize cords with paper rolls

Keep all your cables neatly organized when you wrap each cord and insert it inside an empty toilet paper or paper towel roll.

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