Protect Yourself From Rogue Movers

My friend Jessy is one of the million people who became a victim of scam moving companies. She thought that she hired credible and trusted movers, but on the day of her move, the moving staff asked her an additional cost for the transportation. There is also another payment for packing services and even told her that there will be another payment for the unpacking process. It was really frustrating on her part because she really did not expect it to happen. Jessy cannot believe that she spent too much money during her move and learnt her lesson the hard way. Jessy’s experience is only one the many reasons why everyone should know how to identify a trusted mover from a rogue one.

So, if you live in or are based in Fort Worth, the best way to avoid a scam moving company is to do research to be able to get the right information about different moving companies.

The price is too good to be true

There a lot of scam moving companies that give low prices for their services. The saddest part about homeowners who decide to move is that they tend to grab the opportunity of hiring movers who offer the lowest price in their moving services. If you find a moving company that offers cheaper price than anyone else, it might be worth to step back and ask, why is that so?

Giving free quotes without doing anything

You can tell if a moving company is rogue when they will send you a quote without physical inspection on the things to be moved. Always remember that before you receive a quote, complete and well detailed inspections should take place first. This is the only way for a moving company to know the right cost that you will have to pay for their services. Thus, any movers in Fort Worth who do not do an inspection could be a scam mover.

Ask payment before the move takes place

This is something that one should always watch out for. Rogue movers will give you a form of a payment bill for their services even before the actual move. It is one of the massive tricks that scam movers do.

References are vague

If your movers cannot give you previous references about their moving services or if they are not being recommended by your friends or colleagues, then you might be dealing with rogue movers.

If you have encountered any of the above-mentioned situations, you are likely to be in trouble if you will hire movers like them. Be very keen when you hire movers in Fort Worth for your move to avoid falling to the traps of unscrupulous movers.

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