Prepping Your Piano for a Move

If you’ve ever been asked by a friend to move their piano, you know just how heavy, awkward and cumbersome the process can be. It’s never a good idea to try and move a piano on your own or with a buddy. Without the proper equipment and safety gear, you could do real damage to your neck, back, and knees. In addition to that, you can harm the piano itself, as there are many components to keep track of, from keys to pedals to legs. Trying to wrangle a piano through hallways and doorways can translate to dings, gouges, scrapes and scratches to walls, floors and ceilings as a result. These are all good reasons to hire a professional moving company for your move.

Consider this: the average upright piano can weigh between 300 and 500 pounds; a grand piano can weigh up to 1,200 pounds, and a concert piano can weight upwards of 1,300 pounds, according to When moved by a professional, a piano move only takes two people, unless there are a lot of stairs and awkward spaces involved. Choosing a professional for the job means many things:

  • They know how to disassemble a grand piano, transport it, and put it back together.
  • They come equipped with skids, dollies, tools, straps, and pads to make the job efficient and safe. Special boards are able to move hundreds of pounds across a floor without causing damage.
  • They know the sentimental and monetary value of your piano and will therefore move it with care. Your friends are just trying to rush through so they can get that free pizza you promised them.

Steps to Prepare

Of course, there are things you can do beforehand to prep your piano for its upcoming journey. First off, don’t get it tuned before the move. Too many adjustments can happen en route, no matter how careful the movers are. Keys get jostled and the piano can be subjected to temperature extremes — both of which can affect the inner workings of the piano. For those reasons, it’s best to have it tuned later once the piano has arrived safely at its destination.

Map out the route you want the movers to take when removing your piano. If the movers have visited your home already to check out the layout, they will recommend the best route to take. Make sure you move all furniture out of the way beforehand, remove area rugs that could be a tripping hazard, clear all toys, ottomans and other distractions out of the way, and ensure a clear path to the door.

Consider any areas you want to protect, such as walls that have been freshly painted, furniture, wall hangings, flooring, and the like. When it comes to the piano itself, you don’t generally have to worry about padding or blankets because the movers will show up with their own protective equipment. What you CAN do is take a look at the casters (if your piano has them) and remove dust or debris that may inhibit their movement. This will save your movers time and hassle when they’re ready to move the piano, plus it will prevent scratches to flooring.

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